Getting the Real Truth on Garcinia Cambogia

You’ve probably heard of Garcinia Cambogia extract by now, but what you don’t probably know is that there are some products that will work and many others that are just a waste of money. Not to mention that the latter are garcinia supplements that could even end up having dangerous side effects.

Truth is, it’s been researched more than most other diet supplements that are available today – period. When you do your research and buy a good, quality product then it’s nearly guaranteed that you’ll be thrilled with the results. Especially if you get it at a good discount.
It’s been shown to help just about anyone who needs to lose weight. Men. Women. Those slightly overweight and those who need to lose a significant amount of weight.

But the results you’ll see will depend and it all starts with knowing what to look for when buying. There are tons of different brands out there, and no two of them have the same exact ingredients, the same manufacturing process, the same quality standards or the same level of interest in their customer’s well-being and satisfaction.

truth-garcinia-cambogiaGetting Enough HCA

Experts who have studied Garcinia Cambogia and agree – the bare minimum amount of HCA that should be present in a garcinia supplement is 50%. So that should be the first thing that you look for on the label. That leads us to the obvious, but something many people don’t bother to do – reading the label. Even if you’re buying your pills online, that seller should make it crystal clear and easy to read and you shouldn’t have to hunt for it. The label should be prominently displayed for customers to view.

The Ingredients

Besides looking for the amount of HCA that it contains, you should be looking at the other ingredients (if any) too. If there are ingredients listed that you can’t pronounce or something you’ve never heard of then definitely don’t buy it. That means it’s probably filled of fillers, binders and other artificial ingredients. This could be just annoying because you end up wasting money on something doesn’t work. But it could also mean you have a negative reaction to one of these ingredients.

Two ingredients you’re likely to find listed on some supplements are calcium and potassium. This is fine. They help with the digestion of the supplement, making it quicker and easier to get the results you want and actually lose weight. Anything other than those two, I’d be wary of.

Free Trials

This is very important. Don’t fall for the offers you see of free trials. One of two things will be the actual truth… The first scenario: You give them all of your contact information, billing information, etc. to get this free offer. You are then sent to the next page. It’s only here that you realize the free bottle is in addition to a purchase. You’ll need to buy two to get a third free. So now they have all of your vital information whether you continue with the purchase or not.

The second scenario: You provide them with all the same information and cross your fingers as you hit the submit button. Voila, it worked! Your free bottle is on the way. But did you read the fine print? Chances are that you didn’t. So guess what. Here’s what just happened… You will (maybe and hopefully) get your first free bottle. I say maybe and hopefully, because there are plenty of reports of that not even happening.

At the same time, you just enrolled in their auto-shipment subscription program. So every month, your card will be billed again. You can try to contact them to have it stopped, but the majority of the time this is very difficult to get out of. Just check the BBB for scam report forums and you’ll see the many thousands of reports about both of these scenarios.
Garcinia cambogia extract works, but as you can see, you have to be careful of what you buy. has some great information to guide you, as well as warnings about reports and reviews they’ve researched themselves. Either way, make sure you know what you’re buying and you’ll never regret buying.