10 Tips To Contravene The Myth And Stay Healthy After Crossing 50

Have you ever wondered that, how your favorite movie stars like Tom Hanks or Meryl Steep looks so stunning both onscreen and off-screen? It is obviously a bit of Botox, but not every part of their lustrous body can be made perfect with chemicals. Serious hard work and dedication to culture is the gift you maintained till date, and now needs a little bit of more attention. You can never really opt for chemicals or plastics as its long term effects are not positive. So, few tricks to dazzle just after you threw your 50th birthday party are here on your screen.

On maintaining your overall health

  1. 1.     Healthy diet- After 50 to maintain a healthy eating habit is important. Your diet should be concentrating on procuring all sorts of vitamins present in vegetables, whole grains and fruits. Consuming lean protein is must, as high protein content food is not good for your health. Vitamin D and calcium should be included in every day diet. Also lot of water should be consumed.
  2. 2.     Physical activity- Indulge yourself in different forms of activities you find near your locality. Taking yoga classes are quite popular these days to keep your shape intact and it has even varied effects on functioning of internal body parts. There are special classes for people of your age focusing on posture, breathing balance, circulation and strength segments, following with relaxation.
  3. 3.     Get social- Socializing is the key to happiness. After you are done with the hectic first innings of your life, it’s time to take a break and get to know yourself and people around you better. GO out to various parties, RSVPs and clubs. Mix with people and loosen up, it will keep you alive.
  4. 4.     On Hygiene and healthy lifestyle- Maintaining hygiene and a healthy lifestyle is essential. After a certain age you just can’t go on doing things you used to do once when you were 20. Start your day waking up early, take a stroll in the park or go for your work-out classes. Later in the day comply with a healthy eating habit and quit any sort of drug/tobacco or alcohol, if you take any. Go to bed early.
  5. 5.     Do something you love-Seating at home the whole day will only disgust you more and soon you will feel depressed. So don’t stop working. Maybe you can join some volunteering service, write articles or get back to that hobby you always wanted to do when you were busy stacking up your bank account with your hard work. But if, mountaineering or hiking or adventure sports were your forte then it is strictly advisable to refrain from such activity.
  6. 6.     Go for frequent checkups- After 50, it is advised by all experts to consult doctor on monthly or bi-monthly basis. Don’t start any sort of fitness regime or diet plan without consulting your physicians. Also do blood tests and blood pressure checkups as prescribed. To keep sugar level and blood pressure under control is utmost important.
  7. 7.     Special care for your skin and hair- This is especially for women. You always fuss about hair and skin care products, but remember to not to go for cheaper options. This age is prone to skin cancer so make sure to use sunscreens before you go out. Drinking water naturally hydrates skin. Applying light make up will suit you, also removal of make up before sleep keeps skin healthy. For your hair care don’t go for artificial treatments every now and then, instead getting a nice hair cut along with nourishing your hair daily will make it long lasting.
  8. 8.     Therapy classes- Joining therapy classes after 0for better health should be considered by you. There are different types of self-help therapy classes and counseling classes available these days. A bit of research is needed for this online.  It will help you feel better about yourself.
  9. 9.     Keep the romance going- You are 50 now and if you think you are done with romance then you are wrong. Go out for clubbing or travelling with your spouse. Know yourself and your spouse better. For those who are single or widowed it’s an excellent opportunity to re discover your love life.

10.Stay Happy- Being happy and keeping others happy is the ultimate potion to keep you healthy. Smile more often, rejuvenate your happy memories. Getting in contact with old friends and distant relations and sharing the old memories would give you pleasure.

So, now you see staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle after 50 is not that hard. It is all about your attitude, towards how you perceive life. Flush away the negativity, forget all your endurances and focus on the achievements you have accomplished even if that includes bringing smile on a humble face. It will definitely keep you healthy and fit for a longer time than you expect.

Jack is a free lancer writer of many health sites and he has good knowledge of body building and he is currently work part time with health coaching centre in UK. He strongly gives triathlon coaching advice for staying fit at older age. Also he himself has been trained by Paul Jones.


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