Deciding Whether or Not You Need a Personal Trainer

The fitness industry is booming right now and you may know many people that have hired specialists such as a personal trainer to help them get in shape.  A personal trainer can provide you with skills and motivation that you may not have on your own; the trainer may also have a certification in nutrition and can guide you through your body’s nutritional needs.

Not everyone will need a personal trainer but many will find success by hiring one, below are some reasons you may want to hire a personal trainer.

Staying Motivated – If you find it hard to stay motivated and have had trouble in the past sticking with programs than a personal trainer may be able to help you.  Having to get up and meet with your personal trainer provides accountability.

You are an Exercise Beginner – If you are new to the fitness scene a personal trainer can help you build confidence.  By giving you a program and showing you how to use equipment properly you can start a strong foundation.  This does not mean you will need a personal trainer forever, once you are motivated and have the basics down you can then decide what your capabilities are.

Effective Workout Plans – A personal trainer can help you get results without having to spend hours at the gym.  They can guide you towards focusing on results while cutting out the inefficient workouts meaning you get maximum impact in a shorter period of time.

Injury Prevention – If you have worked out in the past only to face injury often, then a personal trainer may be a safe bet.  A trainer can help teach you correct form and monitor you to give you feedback on what you may be doing incorrectly.  They can also let you know when you may be pushing your body too far, helping you to prevent injury in the future.

Individual Programs – Trainers work with you to help provide a program that is perfect for your goals and needs, those with a certification in nutrition can even write out a full nutrition program.  A program can be written around health issues, previous injuries, and strength and training goals.  Personal trainers will also help change the exercise programs often so that you do not get bored and lose motivation.

Success in Reaching Goals – If you have a weight, health or fitness goal hiring a personal trainer can help you meet those goals. By helping you monitor your progress and change up your program when you plateau, a trainer can help you reach that goal you have set for yourself.

This is just a portion of what a personal trainer can do for you, as mentioned above not everyone will need a personal trainer, however this is usually just a lucky few.

Here are some indicators that you may do fine going it alone.

  • You are motivated to exercise.
  • You enjoy studying fitness magazines and books and coming up with your own programs.
  • You like to go it alone.
  • You have had success with your goals and know when to change things up to keep seeing results.
  • You are confident when using equipment at the gym.

Hiring a trainer who has a certification in nutrition can help you to stay motivated, meet your current goals and achieve long lasting results.


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