Fitness Tips: Networking for Fitness

As most of us try to lose weight and get in better shape, we find it increasingly tougher as we get older. With our metabolisms slowing down, and our responsibilities speeding up – it can be quite difficult to find both the time and inspiration to keep exercising and staying as healthy as we should. One road block to devoting time to exercising is the things you find yourself having to give up throughout your day to make time for staying fit. A nice double solution for this issue is socializing while you work out: which both entertains you and motivates you to stay fit, while supplying a completely different need in your life at the same time! Socializing and working out in groups isn’t something that happens without effort though, and it does take some social networking.


Networking Basics: Meeting People to Workout With

There are many different ways you can meet workout partners, with obvious options being to join group workout classes that pair you up very generically with other people that could be on your same workout plan, or represent your same goals. This is in fact a great square one to meet people, but you should probably branch out further and look for people in these classes of your same age and body type – who’ll likely be interested in the same workout regimens as you. A great way to approach people is to print up some personal business cards with your non-work related information printed on them. These are often called “dating cards”, “social cards” or “mommy cards” – but these are really just all generic names for business cards created for personal business. Hand these out to people with a nice and clever design on them, and you’ll be hearing from a barrage of workout partners in no time at all!

The Best Workouts for Groups and Partners

Working out in groups can be quite different than working out alone. And while it’s often more fun, it can turn out awkwardly if you don’t plan ahead. The best way to do this is to text or email some regimen preferences to your new workout partner, and when you get an idea of the mutual idea of strain you’d like to endure for your workout – you can each come prepared with a few ideas, and rotate through them. Another option is to plan some games, like Tennis and Basketball, that you can play one-on-one, or in groups – and will give you a lot more fun and mental stimulation while you work out. These are the most highly recommended ways to benefit from working out with your partner – and you don’t lose any workout benefit from having fun!

Group Workout Failures: What to Avoid

The worst things you can do when you work out in groups is to kill the fun, and really end the reason for getting together with someone else in the first place. The most common ways these fun killing failures happen, is if you get too deep into worrying about the extreme, calorie burning workout drive – beyond what your partner is doing. This will make them very annoyed, and really not want to be around you, much less workout with you. If you find yourself getting frustrated that your workout partner is not as serious as you, then it’s probably time to start some solo workout regimens – or find a new and more intensely focused workout partner. Worst case scenario – you’ve got a new friend for life!


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