Gym etiquette for new members

There are many ways to get in shape. Some people enjoy yoga, while others prefer spinning and jogging. You need to find the right kind of sport to match your needs and expectations. Whatever makes you sweat and improve your body shape, right? Make sure you don’t leave your sweat on the spinning machines, yoga mats and floor. It is important to follow simple rules of gym etiquette to avoid any misunderstandings and conflicts.


Hygiene first

Don’t forget to clean the machines after using them. Wiping down the equipment is a must. I am sure you will not be happy if someone leaves his germs and skin infections behind. Don’t do the same thing to other people. Respect other gym members and wipe the sweat after the workout.

Use hand sanitizer after using the machine. Obviously it goes without saying that you need to apply your deodorant before you go to the gym. No one enjoys working out next to a person who smells like stinky armpits. Avoid applying perfumes and colognes before hitting the gym. Even the best perfume smell will turn sour after an extensive workout.


Some people grew up in a naked house environment, while others may feel uncomfortable walking around in their underwear in the locker room. Keep in mind that you’re not at home, you need to respect the people around you.

Tweezing and flossing are appropriate in your personal bathroom. Forget about these activities when you’re in a shared locker room. Boundaries still matter. No one wants to observe your grooming routine.

Be nice to your fellow gym goers. If you take yoga or fitness class, you will notice that some people prefer occupying the same spot every time. If you happen to take that spot, allow that person to take ‘her’ spot in order to avoid any conflicts. Playing nice is better than paying rude. Otherwise, you will ruin the friendly environment at the gym.


Gym members should have equal access to the equipment. Don’t occupy the only elliptical machine for a long period of time; give other people a chance to use it. For example, cardio machines normally have a time-limit of 30-minutes. If you switch machines every 20 minutes you will work on different muscle groups, thus achieving better results. Sometimes you need to share the machines with other people at the gym.

Don’t pose in front of the mirrors. Mirrors help people track their performance and improve their technique. If you’re stuck in front of the mirror, you might be blocking someone’s view.

You’re not in high school any longer to play a ‘saving the seat’ game. Don’t expect your towel and water bottle to secure the machine for you while you’re gone.


If you’re late for a group class, don’t expect the instructor to help you and explain what you have missed. You have to find a way to catch up on your own. Try arriving to your class several minutes earlier. This way you will have enough time to choose the best spot and follow the instructor from the very beginning.

In case you need to leave the class earlier, don’t forget to tell your instructor about it before the class starts. Don’t forget to leave the class quietly.

Proper clothes

Sometimes I feel that some women at the gym are dressed like strippers. Appropriate clothing also matters. Explicit and exposing clothes are inappropriate at the gym. Such clothing can be distracting for other gym goers.

As more and more people go to the gym every day it is important to maintain a friendly environment at the gym. No matter if you do your workout with elliptical machines or lifting heavy weight, equally do your part to make the workout experience easy and pleasant for other people.


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