How Oils Enhance Your Massage

Your client has decided to treat herself to a massage with you so it’s important that you help her to have an experience that she will enjoy; your ultimate goal is to provide her with an amazing massage that she likes so much she will return again and again.  To make her massage the best one that she’s ever had, you’ll need to provide her with personalised service that makes her feel special and helps her to relax and unwind as much as possible.  Once you learn what she likes and the type of oils and scents that she prefers you can record this information so that for her next visit you’ll be ready for enhancements that please her every sense.  Let’s look at how massage oils can offer your client a massage that she won’t soon forget.


The Purpose of Oils


Massage oils allow your hands, fingers, and arms to stretch across your client’s sore and stiff muscles and work them effectively to relieve pain and discomfort.  Oils make your hands glide and can also nourish her skin as you massage her targeted points of pain.  They can also be scented for effect; you can purchase aromas that prompt relaxation, rejuvenation, or simply cause her to focus on the total atmosphere that you have created for her.  You’ll want to use oil that won’t stain her wardrobe and that is easily removed when she arrives home after her session with you.


Popular Oils to Consider


You’ll have quite a few options for the basic oil that you use for your massage. Let’s review some of the best ones that you might want to buy for your clients.


  • Almond oils are very widely used and spread easily for you.  They nourish the skin very well, can be aromatic, and are affordable for you to purchase.
  • Grapeseed oil is absorbed by the skin easily and doesn’t leave an uncomfortable, greasy feeling when the massage has finished.  It’s a little more expensive but is a favourite of many clients for its nourishing value.
  • Sunflower oil is an inexpensive alternative to more expensive brands and can be bought at your local grocer.  You’ll need to be careful with this type of oil because of its greasy after-effect and the short life that it has on your shelf.
  • You can also find balancing creams, calming creams, and herbal gels that provide relief from pain and is therapeutic for your clients.  For an excellent supply, you may want to visit for a myriad of options in economical sizes.

Aromatherapy Oils


Your client may want to try some aromatherapy oils at her next massage.  These scents do a great deal to set the tone for a massage and can relax a client’s body quiet readily.  Some of the most popular aromatherapy oils are:


  • Lavender oils calm the mind and is also used as an antiseptic to treat burns and stings.  The healing properties of this oil will alleviate pain that your client is feeling
  • Eucalyptus oil is an anti-inflammatory that helps cramps, muscle spasms, and tendon sprains.  Its smell is therapeutic and helps open nasal cavities and stimulates a client’s senses.

To enhance your client’s overall experience, consider using massage oils to appeal to her need for rest and peace.


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