Pros and Cons of Breast Surgery

Nowadays a great deal of women becomes aware of the fact that they are not satisfied with their breasts cup size! Surgery statistics figures recently released tell us that approximately 350000 women underwent the breast surgery procedure of breast enlargement in the USA only during the past year. And this number is instantly growing.

The main reasons for that are as evident: breast size has always used to be some ubiquitous criterion of a woman’s beauty. And it is by no doubt one of the most effective weapons in the armory of any woman, attracting the opposite sex. But still, women who want to increase their breasts size by performing the breast augmentation usually hesitate to take such a decision, not knowing all the potential risks of it. So let’s take look at some pros and cons of this procedure.

The main advantages are, as it was already mentioned before, simple and understandable:  breast size naturally influences the feminine self-esteem, as most women feel a bit awkward due to their small breasts and consider themselves less attractive in the men’s eyes therefore. Basically, breast augmentation allows every woman regain confidence in herself. And, of course, having bigger breasts also helps a lot to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

But then another question arises: what are the possible risks woman have to take with this procedure? Well, breast augmentation itself is rather safe and commonly performed surgery procedure. It can incur some health risk for a patient as any surgical intervention, of course. There are still usual risks of an infection or bleeding.

And if we speak of breast augmentation with the help of implants there can be side effects, the most common of which is a so called capsular contracture. This term stands for growth of firm, internal scar tissue on the area round the implant. It can potentially lead to tissue hardening and such an unpleasant effect as breast implant buckling. Its reasons haven’t been discovered yet by the medicine, so a surgeon will normally have to change the implant in case of a capsular contracture.

Although breast enlargement is usually associated with implants, problems, connected with them and described before make some part of women prefer alternative ways of breast enlargement. One of such is a fat transplantation. This is also a surgical procedure involving the process of the patient’s own fat removal (performed with the help of liposuction) from some parts of the patient’s body (regularly it is a tummy or an inner thigh area) and their subsequent injection into the patients’ breasts, being preliminary purified.

Fat transplantation technique reduces the whole number of possible risks caused by implants, capsular contracture in the first place amongst them. But it has minuses disadvantages as well, being unable for example, to provide the whole range of sizes afforded by breast implants technique.

Whatever the case, it is still a matter of your reasonable choice whether to decide upon the importance of undergoing through the breast augmentation procedure or not.

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