Serious Side Effects of From HGH Injections Abuse


HGH injections properly prescribed by a doctor have few side effects for most people. However, many others use HGHs without a prescription under doctor’s care and cause significantly more side effects. Somatropin is almost identical to the human body’s natural hormone and the active ingredient in HGH injections. High levels of this hormone cause adverse issues and severe health concerns. Before using any growth hormones, always consult a licensed doctor and follow correct dosage instructions to avoid these serious side effects.

Pre-Existing Conditions and HGHs: A High-Risk Combination

Whether you have a HGH deficiency or want to reverse the aging process, always consult a doctor specialized in this medication. Unless you have a drastically low growth hormone levels, natural supplements like Genf20 Plus are better options than misusing HGH injections. Those with kidney or liver disease could worsen the preexisting conditions if administering HGH injections without recommendation from a doctor. Pancreatic disease and diabetes patients often respond negatively to excessive hormones and should never use injections without a prescription. Anyone with cancer should also steer clear of HGH injections because the hormone is likely to feed cancer cells.

Improper HGH Dosage: Temporary Side Effects in the Body

There are gradual changes to the body from improper HGH dosage including stimulation of cancer cell growth. A HGH user who is not aware of cancer cells developing in the body is causing unseen side effects to the body. Long-term use of non-prescription HGHs is always risky because too much of this hormone can lead to permanent side effects while too little is futile. When used without medical supervision, changes include joint and muscle stiffness, infection on middle ear, water retention, and fluid retention in the limbs. These effects develop gradually but typically diminish once HGH use ends. Other temporary side effects of improper HGH dosages include mood changes, low energy, increased hunger, hair loss, joint pain, throat irritation, chronic insomnia, enlarged breasts in men, and headaches.

Long-Term Non-Prescription HGH Use: Permanent Side Effects

People who ignore the minor side effects and continue to use HGH injection like Norditropin and Genotropin without a doctor’s prescription eventually experience severe health issues. Some significant changes include bloody urine, diabetes, risks of bleeding, high skull pressure, optic disk edema, reactions at injection site, pancreatic inflammation, and allergic reactions. For a majority of non-prescription HGH users, the negative effects supersede all positive aspects. Unless you have a depleted HGH amount, keep in mind all the risks involved. Do not believe the claim that HGH is a magic supplement that will rejuvenate youth and reverse the aging process. Many people do not realize how non-prescription HGH can easily change their health conditions permanently.

HGH injections are specifically for hormone deficiencies and only for use with a prescription. For reasons not related to a dangerously low HGH level, natural supplements like Genf20plus are a better alternative to preserve good health for the future. Serious changes like teeth gapping, diabetes, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are common among those using HGH injections without medical instruction.

My name is Diana Lee, and I have studied the effects and availability of HGH. My results conclude that using HGH injections without a doctor’s instruction and prescription cause temporary and permanent side effects gradually with continued use. I found that HGH natural supplements such as genf20 plus are the safer option that works without damaging side effects.

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