Sports and Weight Loss: The power of habits

Have you ever felt that your gym sessions became less difficult after a few weeks?

Whether you take more pleasure and your efforts seemed less insurmountable than during the first sessions?

Indeed, there is always a course to pass beyond which your efforts seem more bearable. You then have the impression that your gym sessions are an integral part of your lifestyle and that you no longer need you “force” to do them.

For my part, I challenged 2 months ago: do 4 sets of push-ups every morning no matter what. I do not deny that the first 2-3 weeks I sometimes had the urge to say “well I do them tomorrow”! But I forced myself saying that one necessarily happen when these series of pumps daily ask me less effort “conscious” and that I would return in a form of routine, taking more pleasure in them.

I increase once a week the number of repetitions of each series (I am currently in 4 x 40 push-ups every morning) and I can tell you that I feel like less work today ‘ Today at the beginning of this challenge. Why? Just because I managed to take this course and that these series have become a habit.

Whether your goal to lose weight and get back to sports, keep fit and have more energy every day, here are some tips to help you take the first few weeks:

  • Set yourself a realistic goal: in fact, set a goal too hard is the best way to get discouraged quickly. For example, a person who has not done any sport for 10 years and says “it’s decided I’m going up in the gym and go two hours every day” will have every opportunity to discourage by the magnitude of the task. The first session would be so difficult that the motivation may fade quickly. You can use clenbuterol for quick weight loss. 
  • Do things before everything for you: being personal trainer for several years and have completed hundreds of people, I can assure you that the people who are most likely to achieve their goal are the people who do it all before- same. I’ll tell you a little story: One day a woman approached me to teach sports home to her husband. She clearly said “it has a small cake that is installed”! During our first class, the husband in question seemed motivated but I felt even more motivated his wife that he and strangely he never responded to our first course
  • Follow a program established by a professional: either the food or sport, the following of a well balanced you will live more serenely your first few weeks in order to take this famous cape program. The ideal is to have a medium to long term so you know exactly where you are going. 
  • Become a “robot” in the first weeks: right now I know that you begin to take me for a fool! But it is really important for you to keep in mind the difficulty of your efforts will inevitably fade over time and become more bearable. Avoid questions like “Is that ca really works? “” Why is it so hard? “” I’m not sure I’ll be able to do this kind of meeting several times.” Make your gym sessions, follow your diet rebalancing program without asking you whether you can maintain or if it will work. Believe me, if you follow a program that has proven itself on others and that you follow the exact same instructions, it will work for you. I do not minimize the genetic factor that makes us all different and all, but every endeavor continued over several months has always proven.

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