Top Reasons How Diabetic Drug Victoza Leads to Weight Loss

Victoza, one of the most popular drugs for type 2 diabetes is in news for many reasons. Victoza otherwise known as liraglutide is an inject-able diabetes drug that regulates glucose levels in the body. The drug approved by FDA in 2010, is known for its severe side-effects. If you are suffering from any major side-effects due to the drug, such as cancer, consult a victoza lawyer for further assistance in terms of legal action.

What to Know About the Drug

The drug has many restrictions pertaining to its users, as in children, elderly, breast feeding moms or pregnant women are not allowed to use it. Also those who have some health complications like cholesterol, BP problems, kidney or liver issues should also avoid victoza.

The most dangerous side effects of the drug are that it increases the chances of pancreatic, thyroid cancer and vital organ failures. But apart from the negative side-effects, one of the positive outcomes of using the drug is weight loss- great news for diabetics suffering from overweight issues or those who wanted to shed some pounds!

Check out the top reasons how drug victoza helps in weight loss.

  • Common side effect: One of the most common side-effects of victoza is weight loss. Doctors generally recommend weight loss for those suffering from type 2 diabetes to alleviate the symptoms of the condition. Since the drug is effective in curbing hunger, one of the main symptoms of diabetes and the main cause for weight gain, patients lose weight on the course.

  • Patients feel ‘full’: The drug results in weight loss because it reduces the rate at which stomach emptying occurs. As a result, the patient feels full after meals and can stay like that for longer period. Victoza is naturally broken down by the body and there is no need of renal excretion for elimination.

  • Two-in-one drug:  Victoza is a two-in one drug, as patients have greatly benefitted from the drug by regulating the blood sugar along with controlling appetite simultaneously.

  • Not a weight loss drug: However, victoza is not prescribed or should be taken as a weight loss drug, as it might pose severe danger.

  • The manufacturer’s claim:  Undoubtedly, diabetes is mostly associated with weight gain, a condition that increases the difficulty of regulating blood –sugar levels in the body. The drug manufacturer claims that patients with type 2 diabetes lose 6 per cent of weight on taking 3 milligram dose of victoza. But, they also have warned against using the drug purely as a weight loss medicine.

Other Symptoms of Victoza

Symptoms like headache, nausea and diarrhea are common with the drug. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult your doctor immediately.

As discussed, the severe side-effects of the drug such as pancreatitis, cancer and organ failures pose much threat to the patients. Nevertheless, not all are affected by the side-effects and those who have problems can seek the service to get adequate funds by means of compensation that can aid to recuperate your health and rebuild your life.

Though no compensation can make up for the dangerous side-effects of the drug, (if any) you need to be aware that you can avail legal guidance from a victoza lawyer regarding the lawsuit pertaining to the drug’s side effects. Most of the lawyers offer free consultation for the same.

So, in brief victoza has had good and bad reviews for its drug effect on diabetes patients. But, one thing everyone agrees is on its great potential to reduce weight, which is indeed a positive side effect of the drug.

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